The Foolish Brothers of Bakki

The brothers of Bakki had been told that it was good for one‘s health to intermittendly dip one‘s feet into warm water. However, because of their ongoing low firewood supply they didn‘t want to spend it on warming up water.

Once they came across a small pool or hot spring on their journey. They immediately seized the opportunity to bathe their feet, sitting close together in a circle.

When they were ready to stop bathing none of them could tell his feet from the others. They were perplexed by this for a while. The didn‘t dare move because they might make the wrong selection and take each others feet. So they sat there until a passer-by emerged.

The called to him and pleaded him to identify their feet. The man walked to them and hit their legs with his stick, thus helping all of them to find their own.






Listen to the story (Icelandic):

Story teller :
Hafdís Erla Bogadóttir.

Story reference:
Íslenskar þjóðsögur (Icelandic Folklore).
Author: Benedikt Johannesson/Johannes Benediktsson.

Story drawings:
Eyrun Oskarsdottir.

Bjork Hardardottir.

Hafdís Erla Bogadóttir.

Markus Sveinn Markusson.

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