Chapter 11:
During recess, in the middle of lunch being eaten, the three kids Viktor, Yrsa and Jon
got together again to read from the big book Poem of Gryla.
“Number 20,” Viktor said, pointing to a page with a Lad holding a large sausage. He had
the happiest look on his face that Viktor had ever seen. “Sausage-Swiper.”
“If I was a Yule Lad,” Jon began. “Then that’s the one I would be,” he said with a smirk
before taking a large bite of the smoked sausage his mom had packed for him for lunch.
“You know he doesn’t steal sausage anymore, right?” Yrsa said as she turned the page
of the book once again.
“Window-Peeper,” Viktor said. “He used to be a real weirdo. Looking through people’s
windows for stuff to steal.”
“Yeah, that wasn’t very nice,” Yrsa said, shaking her head. “I’m glad he doesn’t do that
to people anymore. Now he is a good guy, like the others.”
“Next one is Doorway-Sniffer!” Jon exclaimed happily, pointing to a Yule Lad with a huge
nose, smelling for laufabraud. “He is like Viktor,” he said with a huge grin on his face.
Viktor laughed. He didn’t have a big nose, but he loved the laufabraud.
“And then we have Meat-Hook,” Yrsa said as she turned the page to a Yule Lad with a
long metal hook. “He’s probably almost as hungry as Skyr-Gobbler,” she laughed.
“The last one is-”
“Candie-Stealer!” They all said together.