Chapter 17:
On the 17th of December, Viktor, Yrsa, and Jon all went sleighing on the large sloped
hill just outside of the city.
Viktor was sure he had the fastest sleigh in the city, maybe even in the world. He and
his dad had built it almost from scratch. It was a long project that had taken a month.
Viktor, Yrsa, and Jon all had their own sleighs, and raced them down the hill over and
over again.
The hill was perfect for sleighing. It was tall, long and the last seventeen days of heavy
snowfall had coated it in thick, almost cotton-like snow.
The three of them raced down the hill over and over again, and in the end, there was no
doubt about it, Viktor’s sleigh was the fastest.
Somewhere around the sixth race, Viktor noticed someone hiding in the bushes at the
top of the hill.
“Isn’t that-” He tried to say, but Jon interrupted him.
“That’s Bowl-Licker!” Jon yelled as they reached the top of the hill.
“Hey you,” Bowl-Licker said as he came out of hiding. In his hands he was holding his
own sleigh. A beautiful, red, wooden construction with glistening chrome on the bottom of it.
“You kids wanna race?” He asked with a huge smile.
“Sure!” They all said out loud.
They all got ready at the top of the hill, and Bowl-Licker counted to three before they
raced down the hill.
It was a tight race, all of the neck and neck, but in the end, Viktor won the race.
“Thanks for the race, guys!” Bowl-Licker said as he ran off. “Check your windows for
candy when you get home!”