Chapter 16:
The sixteenth of December, Viktor got up before his parents.
As he walked downstairs and into the kitchen, and friendly face met him with a wide
smile. “Hello, Viktor,” Pot-Licker said.
“Goodmorning, Pot-Licker,” Viktor replied.
“Do you want to play a game?”
“Sure!” Viktor nodded.
“Okay, it’s really simple,” the Yule Lad said. “All you have to do, is to find me. I’ll go hide,
and if you find me, I might have a nice surprise for you. What do you say?”
Viktor was excited. “I’ll do it! I bet I can find you really quick too!” Viktor said.
“Okay, then close your eyes, and count to ten,” Pot-Licker said.
Viktor closed his eyes and began counting, it didn’t take him long to count to ten.
“Ten! Now I’m coming to find you!” Viktor said as he opened his eyes.
First, he opened up all the cupboards in the kitchen, but there was no one.
Then, he went into the hallway, checking behind the coats and in the closet. But again,
no one.
He then went into the living room, where he looked underneath the couch, behind his
dad’s big chair, and even behind the tv. But there was no sign of Pot-Licker anywhere.
“Hm,” Viktor seemed. “He just disappeared,” he said as his eyes scouted around the
apartment. “Wait!” Viktor suddenly realized as he ran out into the bathroom.
There, lying down inside the bathtub was Pot-Licker.
“Found you!” Viktor laughed.
“Hahaha! Last place you would look, huh?” Pot-Licker said with a huge grin on his face.
“Check your boot! I left you something nice!” Pot-Licker said before he ran out of the house.
In Viktor’s boot, Viktor found an entire bag of Apollo.
What a great gift.