The snow was falling heavily from the sky, like a blanket of small pillows. Viktor, a young boy of ten, was sitting in his room, wrapped in a woven blanket, holding a cup of cacao, looking out of the window.
“That’s a lot of snow,” he exclaimed with joy in his voice, his eyes gliding across the trees in the forest outside of the city. The darkness was lit up by the moonlight shining down on the thick cover of snow. The snow that had now cloaked everything in its cold embrace.
Snow was quite a common thing in Iceland, but this Christmas it seemed as if there was even more than usual.
The usual Christmas spirit was in the air, filling Viktor warm anticipation for the days to come.
The food, the family together, the tree, the presents. It was all going to be a magical month, filled with excitement.
His phone beeped with a vibrating tone, it was his friend Jon, asking if he had seen how much it was snowing. Replying with a yes and a smile on his face, Jon asked if he was up for a snowball fight with the rest of the guys after school would finish tomorrow.
Viktor replied again with a yes before his mom called him from downstairs, telling him to turn off his phone and go to bed.