Chapter 2:
After school, as the final lectures had ended, Viktor and Jon met with the rest of the
class to have a snowball near the woods, just outside of school.
Almost everyone was there, and the snowballs flew through the air one after another.
Viktor sent a snowy surprise towards Jon, the snowball took a long, high arc into the
grey winter sky, before dropping right on his head.
In turn, Jon returned the favor by sending one right back at Viktor.
After they were too cold and tired to throw any more snow, they all headed back towards
their homes. On the way, Yrsa, one of the girls from the class, told them that now that
Christmas was upon them, they would have to be extra nice to everyone.
“Why?” Viktor and Jon asked at the same time.
Yrsa said that Gryla and Leppaludi, the giants of Yule was awake in their cave and that
they lived inside the lava fields of Dimmuborgir. Gryla, the mother, and Leppaludi, the father,
lived together with the Yule Lads, and the Yule Cat. Leppaludi, the father, was lazy and
mostly stayed in the cave, but Gryla, the mother, had a taste for eating children who didn’t
behave properly.
Viktor and Jon both gasped.
“We will have to be the nicest we’ve ever been, Jon!” Viktor exclaimed.
“I’m gonna go home and clean my room!” Jon replied as he ran off.
“Me too!” Viktor nodded before he ran home.