Chapter 3:
As Viktor woke up the next day, he made his bed nicely, folded the sheets, and tugged
the pillow properly at the head of the bed. Didn’t want to risk Gryla somehow getting the
scent of him not being nice.
Having made his way to school, he found Yrsa during recess, curious about what she
had said the day before. Jon came running up to them as well, clearly with the same interest
as Viktor himself.
However, before either of them could ask her a question, Yrsa took out two pairs of
socks from her backpack, giving a blue pair of woolen socks to Viktor, and then a pair of red
socks to Jon.
“Here,” she smiled. “Now the Yule Cat won’t eat you,” she grinned with a twinkle in her
“Eat us?!” Viktor and Jon gasped simultaneously.
“What’s a Yule Cat?” Viktor asked, his eyes wide open all the while thinking to himself,
“Great, another thing to be scared of.”
Yrsa told them that the Yule Cat is a huge, vicious cat that strolls around in the night in
the countryside during Christmas. She also said that it eats people who haven’t been given
any new clothes to wear for Christmas Eve.
“But, but,” Jon stuttered scared, thinking about the big cat walking around out there.
“What about you, Yrsa?” Viktor asked carefully, finishing the sentence that Jon couldn’t.
Yrsa just replied with a teasing smile. “Oh, me? I’ll be fine. My mom gave me a new
dress on the 1st of December. She’s always known about the cat.”
Viktor was astounded. How could his parents not have known about this? What could
have happened if he had met the cat without any new clothes? Would it have eaten him? He
had to find out.