Chapter 4:
“Mom?” Viktor asked at the breakfast table. “How come you and dad didn’t buy me new
clothes for Christmas? Do you want me to get eaten by the cat?”
The head of Viktor’s father, who sat at the end of the table, poked out from behind his
newspaper, the look on his face suggested that he was considering if Viktor had finally lost
his marbles.
“I’m sorry, what?” His mother asked with the same expression stuck on her face as
Viktor’s father.
Viktor then explained what Yrsa had told them about the Giants in Dimmuborgir, how the
kids had to be really nice around Christmas, and how the Yule Cat would be walking around
at night, looking for people that hadn’t received new clothes for Christmas Eve.
“Hahaha!” Viktor’s father laughed so hard that his big belly shook. “That’s nothing but old
superstition,” he mocked, shaking his head before turning his attention back to his
“How do you know?” Viktor replied skeptically. “Yrsa says that her parents have known
about it for years!”
“Haha!” His father continued to laugh. “That’s just something parents tell their kids
because they want-”
“Sscch!” Viktor’s mother interrupted. “I think Yrsa might be right, Viktor,” she smiled at
him. “I’m sorry we forgot to buy you clothes. Did you remember to make your bed?” She
asked, looking at him a pair of carefully watching eyes.
“Oh, no!” Viktor suddenly realized before storming up the stairs to his room.
“I think this will be a good Christmas,” Viktor’s mom said, smiling at Viktor’s dad.