Chapter 15:
As Viktor, Yrsa and Jon were sitting in the schoolyard during recess, they suddenly saw
the face of Spoon-Licker, waving at them from the other side of the schoolyard.
They all quickly followed the little Yule Lad around the building where he greeted them
with a large smile.
“Are you ready for a challenge?” Spoon-Licker asked.
“What challenge?” Viktor asked curiously.
“If you can catch me, I’ll give you a bag of candy each. How does that sound?”
“Gotcha!” Jon said, grabbing a hold of Spoon-Licker immediately.
“Not now!” Spoon-Licker sighed. “I wasn’t ready!”
“Fine,” Jon said, letting go of the Yule Lad.
“Ready? 1, 2,” Spoon-Licker started counting. “3!” He yelled as he ran off as quickly as
he could.
Through bushes, past trees, through the playground, over fences, up the staircases,
down the staircases they ran, chasing Spoon-Licker who seemed almost uncatchable.
“Nah, nah,” Spoon-Licker mocked, sticking his tongue out of his mouth with a huge grin
on his face as Viktor almost caught up to him. “Too slow!”
“That’s what you think!” Viktor laughed as he jumped through the air, tackling
Spoon-Licker into a big pile of leaves. The pile of leaves exploded, sending leaves in all
directions and Viktor and Spoon-Licker hit it.
“Okay, okay! You got me! You got me!” Spoon-Licker admitted as he got up and shook
the leafs off of himself.
He reached into his pockets and handed them each a small bag of candy.
“Here you go, as promised,” he smiled.
“Thank you, Spoon-Licker,” they all said happily, accepting the bags of candy.
“Good job catching me,” Spoon-Licker said before he ran away, leaving the three of
them to enjoy their bags of candy.