Chapter 14:
“This is going to be the biggest gingerbread house anyone has ever seen,” Viktor said
as he helped Jon and Yrsa put together the nice smelling house gingerbread. The entire
classroom smelled delicious, like a Christmas bakery.
“Aw, man,” Jon sighed. “I want to eat it. It smells so good.”
“I want to eat it too,” a voice said underneath the table.
“Guys!” Yrsa yelled happily. “Stubby is right underneath the table,” she said.
Jon and Viktor both looked under the top of the table, and sure as she had said, there
was Stubby, sitting there with a hopeful look in his eyes.
“Good thing he is so small, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to fit in there,” Jon laughed.
“I think we should give him a piece of the house,” Viktor said.
“You’re right,” Jon agreed.
“It would only be fair after Gully Gawk gave us candy yesterday,” Yrsa said as she
grabbed a piece of the gingerbread house, and handed it to Stubby.
“Mmmhm!” Stubby exclaimed as he bit into the crunchy piece of cake.
The cake vanished, eaten by Stubby’s mouth almost immediately, as if he had done
some sort of magic trick to make it disappear.
“Thank you so much, guys,” Stubby smiled. “It was delicious!”
“You’re welcome,” the three of them replied.
Suddenly, as quickly as he had appeared, the little Yule Lad was gone again.