Chapter 5:
Viktor, Jon, and Yrsa all met at the dinner table during recess the next day.
“I told my parents about the Yule Cat,” Viktor said carefully, looking from side to side, as
if he was afraid someone would hear him. “She said it’s probably real,” he added with a
shaky voice.
“Of course it’s real,” Yrsa replied, rolling her eyes. “Everyone knows that.”
“I don’t think they do,” Viktor said. “No one is talking about it.”
“Maybe they’re scared,” Jon reasoned. “I know I am.”
“What do we do about it?” Viktor asked.
“What do you mean?” Jon asked, already sounding scared of what Viktor would answer.
“How do we stop it? The Yule Cat?”
“You can’t,” Yrsa set determined. “It’s giant and dangerous.”
Not convinced by Yrsa’s argument, Viktor started thinking, trying to come up with a plan.
He had to find a way to keep everyone safe. All the people who didn’t know about the Yule
Cat. There had to be something he could do.
“All cats are afraid of dogs,” Jon suggested. “Maybe we could scare it with a dog?”
Yrsa shook her head. “It would just eat it.”
“What about a bath then? My cat always runs away when my mom wants to give it a
“That’s stupid,” Yrsa replied. “It has to be something special.”
“I have an idea,” Viktor suddenly said.