Chapter 24:
On the 24th of December, Viktor woke up and immediately went to check his boot
standing in the window. In his boot, he found a nice piece of chocolate, left by
Candy-Stealer. What a nice Yule Lad.
The chocolate was sweet and crunchy. That was the best kind.
After Viktor and his parents had finished breakfast, dad got in the car, while Viktor and
mom followed along.
It was always the same on the 24th.
It was a day that was a bit sad, but also a loving day, full of memories.
They were going to visit the cemetery to see the graves of his grandmother and
Next to the gravestones, Viktor and his parents all placed a pretty little candle, and
reminiscent of the fond memories they all had lived through together.
After the visit on the cemetery was done, and everyone was feeling a bit sad, they drove
back home.
They weren’t sad for long, however, as they all got together around the beautiful tree
that Viktor and his dad had bought.
“Finally,” Viktor thought. Finally he got to decorate the tree.
As they put the last piece of decoration on the branch of the pine, Viktor had no doubt in
his mind. That had been the best Christmas ever.
He couldn’t wait until next year.