Chapter 8:
“Okay,” Yrsa said as her, Viktor and Jon sat down in class the next day. “I talked to my
mom last night, and she gave me this,” she said, taking out a big, old, brown book from her
backpack before putting it on the table.
“Wow, what’s that?” Viktor asked, gazing at the old book on the table.
“It’s called The Poem of Gryla,” Yrsa said. “It’s very old. It can tell us everything about
the Yule Lads.”
Yrsa turned open the large cover of the big, old book, turning to the first page where she
read out loud.
“It says here that the Yule Lads are 13 boys, who all used to be some very naughty
prankers, and that they come to visit us one by one. They walk down from their mountain,
and the first of them will come to visit us on the 12th of December, the next one will come on
the 13th of December and so on.”
“Come on, we already know that,” Jon sighed.
“Ssch,” Viktor shushed.
“Each of them will stay for 13 days before returning to the cave of Gryla and Leppaludi.
Each of the Lads used to be pranksters, but now they are nice, and put nice little things in
people’s shoes and windows instead.”
“And the first one is-” Jon said but Yrsa interrupted.
“Sheep-Cote Clod, yes,” Yrsa read out loud. “He shows up the 12th. He used to harass
the sheep. He can’t walk very well because of his stiff peg-legs.”
“Why did he even harass the sheep?” Jon asked.
“I guess he thought it was funny,” Yrsa said, shaking her head.
“Well, good thing he isn’t like that anymore,” Viktor smiled.