Chapter 23:
23rd of December. The busiest day of them all.
Viktor, his father and his mother were all busy, each of them out getting the last of the
Christmas presents downtown, before heading off to Ingolfstorg to ice-skate together.
Before they left, Viktor of course checked if one of the Yule Lads had left him something.
He wasn’t disappointed.
Viktor’s mother was by far the best ice skater Viktor had ever seen. His dad told him that
his mother used to be a competitive figure skater.
Viktor loved every second of it. Being with the family was such a lovely treat.
Enjoying all the little things together. The warm cocoa, the lights, the decorations around
town, the smell of burned, sugary almonds.
They even got to enjoy a small cake in a restaurant before they drove home and mom
prepared dinner for the night.
With the last presents under the tree, the family got together at the table and enjoyed a
fine meal, stuffing themselves with all the wondrous food.
During dinner, Viktor noticed the Yule Lad Meat-Hook, sneaking into the kitchen.
“He’s probably also hungry,” Viktor thought and hurried out into the kitchen himself.
He found a big piece of meat that Meat-Hook gladly accepted. “Thank you, Viktor,” he
smiled, before he headed out of the door.
Viktor then returned to his parents to open Christmas presents.
What a wonderful day.