Chapter 6:
On what felt like the coldest day of Christmas yet, the class had gone to go ice-skating
in Skautahollin. Viktor wasn’t very good at it, but at least he was better than Jon, who looked
like a moose on rollerskates, slipping and gliding at every chance he got. Yrsa was very
good at ice-skating, gliding across the ice like a figure skater. She said she had been
practicing ever since she was four.
Viktor and Jon had brought a surprise for everyone, and they couldn’t wait to show it. It
was just a matter of time. All they were waiting for was their teacher telling them to get back
on the bus.
“All right,” the teacher suddenly yelled. “Everyone back on the bus, we’re going home!”
“Now?” Jon asked, looking to Viktor’s backpack.
“On the bus,” Viktor smiled. “We’ll show that Cat.”
As they all piled into the bus one by one, Viktor and Jon waited in the back of the line,
both of them wanted to enter the bus as the last ones.
“What have you got there?” The teacher asked as both Viktor and Jon took off their
“Our secret weapon against the Yule Cat,” Viktor said determinedly.
“Oh,” the teacher said impressed as she smiled, following them into the bus.
As they got up into the bus, Viktor began going down the right aisle, while Jon took the
left, both of them handing out pairs of socks they had stored in their backpacks, making sure
to give a pair to everyone on the bus.
“It’s against the Yule Cat,” they said each time they handed a pair of socks over to
It was a perfect count, everyone got a pair of socks. Viktor and Jon sat in the back,
giving each other a satisfied smile