Chapter 7:
“What is going on around here?” Viktor’s dad yelled from the bedroom. “Honey!”
“Yes?” Viktor’s mom answered.
“Have you seen my socks? I can’t find any of them!”
Viktor’s mom sighed, shaking her head as she looked at Viktor with a hopeless
expression. “Your dad couldn’t find water in the ocean.”
Viktor tried not to smile. He didn’t say anything and kept eating his toast.
Later that day, when the class was cutting into the Christmas bread, making shapes of
all sorts and sizes. Viktor liked to cut small pyramids, squares, and circles into the dough.
Just before recess, Viktor and Jon sat down next to Yrsa.
“Well,” Viktor said with a confident smile. “The Yule Cat won’t be bothering anyone now.
We took care of that.”
“I saw,” Yrsa said impressed. “Good job, guys. Now we just have to wait for the Yule
Lads to get here.”
“Oh, yeah!” Jon said excited. “I had completely forgotten about them.”
Viktor smiled at the thought as well, he too had forgotten all about the Yule Lads.
“I hope they bring us something good this year,” Viktor said hopefully.
“I want a new pair of skates,” Yrsa said. “I’ve worn the old ones completely down.”
Now that Viktor thought about it, a new pair of running shoes wouldn’t be bad either. The
ones he had now was also not in the best of shape.
“Guess we’ll just have to wait and see,” Viktor said cheerfully