Chapter 19:
Still on the hunt for the lost Christmas presents, Viktor and Door-Slammer had been
past Yrsa and Jon’s house to pick up both of them up after school. Viktor was sure they
would be great at helping Door-Slammer find all the lost presents.
“Oh, wow,” Jon said as he looked at his watch. “Thank you for bringing us along, Viktor.”
“We have to find those Christmas presents quickly, guys!” Door-Slammer said. “I will be
in big trouble if I don’t get it to the kids.”
“Don’t worry, Door-Slammer,” Yrsa said calmly.
“Yeah, we will help you,” Viktor agreed.
On their way to the sledding hill, they saw a chubby, little Yule Lad sitting on the side of
the road. He had a bucket in one hand, and a spoon in the other. He was eating skyr with a
happy expression on his face.
“It’s Skyr-Gobbler,” Viktor said as they approached the Yule Lad.
“Have you seen a big bag of Christmas presents?” Jon asked Skyr-Gobbler.
“No, can’t say that I have, sorry,” Skyr-Gobbler answered, shaking his head. “Did you
lose them, Door-Slammer?”
“I did,” Door-Slammer said, sounding sad.
“Uh ooooh,” Skyr-Gobbler said with his mouth full of skyr. “You better find them quickly
“Here you go,” Yrsa said, handing over a small package of skyr she had brought with
“Come on,” Viktor said, waving the group along. “We’ll go to the hill tomorrow, before