Chapter 20:
Once again, the group had met up to search for the presents. This time they got up early
and met at the sledding hill.
“They have to be somewhere around here,” Door-Slammer said as they stomped
through the deep snow.
The hill was long, and the way to the top of it felt even longer. Around them, the snow
kept falling as it had done for the last twenty days.
“You look over there,” Door-Slammer said, pointing towards a couple of big trees as they
reached the top. “Then I’ll search these bushes here, okay?”
“Okay,” Yrsa, Jon and Viktor all agreed before they began searching among the trees.
Even though they searched far and wide, high and low, in front and behind, they couldn’t
find any of the presents.
“Hey, guys!” A voice suddenly yelled out, as another Yule Lad came running. It was
Sausage-Swiper. “Are you looking for the lost presents?” He asked.
“Yeah!” They all answered at the same time.
“Are these the ones?” He asked, holding up a big bag full of stuff.
“Yes!” Door-Slammer answered. “Those are the ones!”
“Good job, Sausage-Swiper!” Viktor said. “Now we can make it to school and and
exchange gifts!”
“Thank you so much for the help, guys!” Door-Slammer said, waving the three off as
they hurried to school with the bag of Christmas gift.
Everyone was so happy to see them show of with the bag.
The day turned out great as they all celebrated Tiny Christmas, where they exchanged
gifts in the classroom.