Chapter 13:
“You guys!” Viktor said as he met with Yrsa and Jon after school. “Sheep-Cote Clod
came to my house yesterday!”
“Whaaat? Really? What did he get you?” Jon asked.
“Oh,” Viktor said, realizing he actually hadn’t looked through his shoe for anything. “I
completely forgot to look. I helped him find his map so he could find back home again.”
“Wow, that’s so cool,” Yrsa said as the three of them began walking home.
The snow that had been falling for the last thirteen days, covered their hats and
shoulders graciously, while the dancing lights of auroras in the dark sky above them
accompanied them on the way home from school.
“Psst,” a voice suddenly whispered at them as they passed by a group of trees and
bushes. “Hey, over here!”
“Who is it?” Viktor asked as the three of them approached the trees.
“You know who is Viktor,” the little head of a Yule Lad said as he poked out from
between the bushes.
“Gully Gawk!” They all said as they spotted him.
“I heard what you did to help people against the Yule Cat, that was very brave of you,”
Gully Gawk smiled. “Here,” he said as he reached into his pocket, taking out three small
bags of mixed candy.”
“Thank you,” They all said as they happily took the bags.
“Aw, yes!” Jon exclaimed. “I love Pristurs!” He said as he dove into the bag of candy.
“Hey, where did Gully Gawk go?” Viktor asked as he looked around.
The Yule Lad was nowhere to be seen.
“He probably have more kids to give candy to,” Yrsa smiled as the of them continued
home, now with their mouths full of delicious candy