Chapter 22:
“Viktor,” his dad yelled out from downstairs. “Let’s go!”
“Coming!” Viktor replied, having already grabbed the little piece of candy that the Yule
Lad had left him in the window.
He hurried down the stairs, fully clothed.
It was that time of December, they had to get the Christmas tree. That was one of
Viktor’s favorite things, decorating the tree. The smell of pine in the living room was always
such a special, magical part of Christmas. He couldn’t wait.
Viktor and his dad drove off in their car, and the ride to the get the pine tree wasn’t a
very long one. When they got to where all the Christmas trees was, Viktor heard someone
whisper from the backseat of the car.
“Hey, Viktor.”
As Viktor turned around, he saw Doorway-Sniffer, hiding in the backseat.
“Hey, Doorway-Sniffer,” Viktor whispered back.
“What are you doing?” Doorway-Sniffer asked with a lowered voice.
“We are getting a Christmas tree!” Viktor whispered excited.
“Uh, how nice!” The Yule Lad replied. “Can I help?”
“Of course,” Viktor smiled.
As they got out of the car, Viktor and Doorway-Sniffer immediately went looking for the
perfect tree. They checked for everything, the strength of the branches, the color of the pine
needles, the thickness of the trunk. It all had to be perfect.
“This one!” Doorway-Sniffer finally said next to a tree that looked almost too good to be
“That’s a good tree,” Viktor said impressed before he called his dad. “Dad! This one!”
“Wow!” Viktor’s dad said out loud. “Looks like we have a winner.”
Doorway-Sniffer waved Viktor goodbye as he and his dad put the beautiful tree into the