Chapter 21:
With a well-spent Tiny Christmas in school over.
Viktor was enjoying his day off at home with the family.
He thought back on all the adventures he had been through during the Christmas days,
and already now, he couldn’t wait for what would be in store for him next year.
He thought about how happy he was that he had a nice family that loved him, and good
friends in school that he could laugh with.
In the middle of it all, he heard a funny noise from downstairs, rattling around.
As he came out of his room, the Yule Lad Window-Peeper came up the stairs.
“Hello Viktor,” the little Lad said. He was a funny looking Yule Lad, with big eyes, a big
pair of glasses, and a big pair of binoculars in his hands.
“Hello,” Viktor smiled.
“Are you ready for a riddle?”
“A riddle?” Viktor asked.
“Yes,” Window-Peeper said. “I tell you a riddle, and if you can guess it, you’ll get
something nice. Are you ready?
“I’m ready,” Viktor smiled.
“What has to be broken before you can use it?” The Yule Lad asked.
“Hm,” Viktor said as he thought about what Window-Peeper had just asked him.
“That’s a tricky one, huh?” Window-Peeper smiled.
Viktor thought long and hard, but finally, he came to a conclusion.
“An egg!” Viktor said out loud.
“You’re right!” Window-Peeper smiled before he ran downstairs. “Check your window!”
He yelled on his way out of the house.
As Viktor came back to his room, he saw a big box of chocolate, waiting for him in the