Chapter 9:
Viktor, Yrsa, and Jon met before class was about to start.
“Only three days until Sheep-Cote Clod gets here,” Viktor smiled.
“Yes,” Yrsa said as she took out the book from her backpack and flipped through the
“And after him comes Gully Gawk,” she said, pointing to a Yule Lad with round cheeks,
a big nose, and thick beard. “He shows up the 13th. Before he was nice, he would wait in the
barns for an opportunity to steal milk from people.”
“That’s so rude!” Jon said surprised.
“Yeah, but he doesn’t do that anymore,” Yrsa said. “Now he just borrows it. At always
returns it.”
“And on the 15th is Stubby, right?” Viktor asked.
“Yes,” Yrsa nodded. “Stubby,” she said, turning the page to a small Yule Lad with a big
head, big bushy eyebrows, and a wide, open mouth. “He is really small. He shows up the
14th, and he used to steal all pans to eat the crust that was left on them.”
“Eeew,” Jon said as he made a disgusted frown.
“You think that’s gross?” Yrsa laughed as she turned the page. “This is Spoon-Licker,”
she said, pointing to an old-looking Yule Lad with a wrinkly face and red cheeks. “He shows
up the 15th, but he used to lick all the wooden spoons in our houses!”
“No way,” Viktor said disgustedly. “I’m so glad these Lads are nice now.”
“Oh,” Jon exclaimed as he turned the page, pointing to a weird-looking Yule Lad with a
crooked nose and a ragged beard. “That’s Pot-Licker!”
“Yes it is,” Yrsa said, reading aloud. “He shows up the 16th. He has never been one of
the really bad ones. He just stole leftovers.”
“Like food, right?” Viktor asked.
“Exactly,” Yrsa said, closing the book as the bell rang, calling them to class